Guilt Be Gone!

It is not necessary to feel guilt or embarrassment for having unresolved emotional or physical issues.  In fact most of us cannot be here on earth without having issues to work out, forgive, and eventually release.  Guilt and fear drain our energy.

The good news is that we can learn to heal and release our issues instead of projecting them.  We can show up for ourselves everyday and use our talents and abilities in service to others.  This connection to our “authentic self” , our awareness of spirit and the love we have to share with others is what we really seek.  It is our own integrated guiltless self we all long for!

But how do we change our thoughts from fear to love? It starts with being mindful.  We ask for guidance from our highest self and start one day at a time.  With practice and dedication our thoughts begin to shift on a regular basis.

Hijacked by Emotions

Every once in a while we all want to scream…help! Our emotional responses to the stress of challenging life situations can leave us with feelings of hopelessness, being  stuck, afraid to make a change or a “wrong” decision and so forth.  If we focus on observing our situations in the moment rather than reacting out of fear, we can ask our higher self (God, the Holy spirit, Divine wisdom) to help us see things differently.  Our emotions don’t have to derail us, rather they can be used as a tool to facilitate positive change.  In this new light we are able to receive “inspired” solutions which will relieve us of the burden of judging our situations, giving them power over us and feeling defeated.   It’s a comfort to know that we are not alone and can call on our wisest selves to help us see the bigger picture.  It’s difficult to make decisions while in the “throes” of challenging circumstances- a difficult job, an undesirable relationship, an illness, or trying to integrate life changes.  How do we ask our higher self for help? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and ask for guidance and peace.  Be still.  Wait for a new experience of that moment.  Help is always available.  It gets easier with practice.  We can remember everyday to clear the way for inspiration.