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Welcome To

The True Forgiveness Teachings Podcast

This podcast focuses solely on the spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles. Come check it out! The two most recent episodes will be available on this site for awhile after the original broadcast. Please enjoy them!

I've got these covered:

– Inner Peace Amid Challenges
– Practical Transformation Tools
– Insights from A Course in Miracles
– Interactive Q&A Sessions
– Shifting Mental Perspectives
– Guided Forgiveness Practice

+ Juicy interviews and conversations


The 24th Hour

A Podcast Series

It is our goal to help everyone cultivate the light within themselves and join with others in doing the same, as we will all awaken together.

Jackie’s video podcast, The 24th Hour Positive News Magazine™, was created to uplift, inspire and awaken your mind to Spirit. According to Egyptian mythology, the 24th hour is the moment enlightenment comes to the hero in many mystical stories.  

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Explore deeper insights and inspiration on our blog. Dive into a world of profound wisdom, practical guidance, and personal growth. Join us on this enlightening journey as we share stories, tools, and wisdom to empower your path towards a more fulfilling and awakened life. Visit our “Discover More” blog section and unlock your true potential.