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Hello!! I am so excited you are here!!

I support you with navigating your life from the inside out, staying present, remembering your power of choice and awakening to the love that IS you.

Awaken and Heal Through Spiritual Wisdom

I know that when you operate from the inside out, your inner experience will shift into a way that of BE-ing, that will profoundly change your life. I incorporate the wisdom of A Course in Miracles as the foundation for my work. I am here to help you access your innate wisdom, enabling you to be less reactionary and more empowered and present on your journey.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a transformative spiritual text that has touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Rooted in the principles of forgiveness, love, and the recognition of our inherent divinity, ACIM offers a unique pathway to inner peace and enlightenment.

My mission is to continue my practice of ACIM and use it as a guiding light in your journey of self-realization and healing. Whether you are facing challenges in your relationships, seeking purpose and meaning in your life, wanting to connect with your Source, or simply desiring a deeper connection with your higher self, ACIM provides the tools, insights and process to facilitate profound transformation leading to awakening from the dream of separation.

 I look forward to walking this path of healing and transformation with you.

With love and light, Jackie 

Here’s What I Do:



Discover transformation through workshops, events, and online classes based on A Course in Miracles; begin on a path to inner wisdom and awakening.



Embark on a profound inner exploration within our spiritual counseling sessions. Find clarity, healing, and purpose on your unique spiritual path.


All Peace, No Pieces

 This book draws upon the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles to offer practical insights and techniques for personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening.

"The writing is engaging and friendly while sticking to important precepts of A Course of Miracles without compromise. Highly recommend for both newbies and seasoned course students."

Bruce Rawles, author of The Geometry Code and

Hello friends! 

I help people unlock their inner wisdom and navigate their lives from the inside out. A miracle-mindset can be your starting point each day.

May your journey be filled with love and wonder.

I’m currently engaged in, and observing my personal awakening journey, recognizing that each person’s path is unique. Our life classrooms are highly individualized. If you’ve found a path or an interpretation of a path that resonates with you, that’s fantastic! I want to extend my love and light to everyone visiting this site. May you discover inspiration, healing and inner peace. May your journey be filled with love and helpful guidance. You are loved just as you are, right now. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

All Peace. No Pieces.

The Wisdom Series: Book One

I questioned life’s chaos and found answers in A Course in Miracles. In Book One of the Wisdom series, I reveal how lasting peace and happiness aren’t external. I share my awakening journey, transcending the ego to embrace our perfect unity in Heaven. We are all one, embodying peace, not pieces.

Guiding Your Spiritual Journey

You're Not Alone.

Together, we can explore the path towards inner peace, healing, and discovering your deeper purpose. My compassionate and insightful approach will guide you through life’s challenges and connect you with your true self. Let’s embark on this journey of personal growth and awakening together; I’m here to support and empower you every step of the way.

Top Resources

A Course in Miracles Online Classes

Embark on a journey of spiritual insights and transformation with me, Jackie Lora Jones. Explore practical wisdom for conscious living, healing, and inner peace. Join me on the path to a more fulfilling life.

The True Forgiveness Teachings Podcast

Explore profound spiritual insights, practical guidance, and personal transformation on our blog. Dive into conscious living, healing, and self-discovery. Join me in uncovering the wisdom within for a more fulfilling life.

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