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“A Course in Miracles” Insight

Jackie Lora Jones PortraitOften when we have “problems” in our lives, we hope or pray for “specific” solutions.  No doubt this is how we’ve been taught, listening to the ego all these years.  The Course teaches that the world and body being unreal (part of the illusion of separation from our creator) means that our problems and answers cannot be found there.  Rather, the one problem is our BELIEF in the world and body.  Since beliefs are in the mind, that is the only place they can be undone.   We can use our power to choose the Holy Spirit’s  thought system that reminds us the problems we “seem” to experience in the world are part of the dream of separation.

Seeking no answer in the world can be a relief.  Choosing peace instead of a complicated agenda helps undo error by addressing the REAL problem and correcting error in the mind by choosing the Right-Minded teacher – the Holy Spirit.  Then when taking action it will be inspired action having chosen the Right-Minded teacher.

Understanding the metaphysics of the Course’s thought system is necessary, but practice is what will produce the EXPERIENCE of peace.

Each day we can remember there are two teachers in the mind and only one of them is real.  Those who seek controversy (listening to the ego’s voice) will find it.  Those that seek peace (the Holy Spirit’s voice) will find it.  Sometimes we have to choose in every moment! We can keep practicing and be gentle with ourselves!

Be well everyone,


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