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Be Gentle & Patient with Yourself

24th Hour BugHello friends,

If you’re at a standstill in your life be patient with yourself.  You may be integrating new knowledge or a new awareness.  You may be shifting to a higher vibration.   The Divine timing for your endeavor or project may not be right.

Changing direction or moving forward in life is a process.

It’s  difficult to make job, relationship or lifestyle changes without a little fear creeping up! Be gentle with yourself; allow time to get quiet and “tune in” to your intuition, Spirit Guides or Higher Self.  What lesson are you learning? Are you shedding an old part of yourself that no longer fits? Are you integrating personal changes due to increased Spiritual practice or commitment to love yourself more? What are you afraid of?

Ask questions and be open to the answers you receive.  No one can be YOU better than YOU! Let your light shine.  Hold space for others to do the same.  Smile a lot! Laugh a lot! Be light.

Love & blessings,

Jackie 🙂

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