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Focus on Reflecting Love instead of Feeding Fear

Hello my friends!

There appears to be many things happening to make us fearful these days.  We see images and hear a narrative on the news of how bad things are. It can seem overwhelming, to say the least. We naturally want to stay “informed” so we know what’s going on in the world.

However, if we look at things from a higher perspective, through a different lens,  we can choose where to invest our focus, time and energy. Why would we look at things from a higher perspective? There comes a point when we say “enough is enough – there must be a better way.”  It is possible to have inner peace regardless of what is happening around you.

The ego looks at what goes on through the lens of fear and illusion, while the Holy Spirit/Higher Self looks through the lens of true forgiveness and compassion.

A Course in Miracles gives us a way to deal with the illusion (world) and reverse our projections of unconscious guilt. This is a “process” because we experience time-space and need help from outside this cosmic dream. For sure, we are having the experience that everything is real.

Ego ( false self) says – “This world is a mess! Oh, but there are some good parts to life too, and a lot of beauty in the world. You are at the mercy and a victim of your experiences here, but if you stay positive, be a good person, do the right thing and try to make the world a better place, everything will be okay.”

It is never okay in a permanent way. This approach does not work.

We experience duality in the world which means there are both good and bad experiences. We temporally experience an illusory process with a beginning and an end. Because our experience is temporal and spacial, the Course speaks to us where we believe we are.  We need help to change our thinking- our perception. The ego wants to keep its existence, so it does not show us the truth. We have to change our teacher in the mind. Enter the Holy Spirit/Higher Self/Jesus.

Holy Spirit/Higher Self says: “Yes, the world is a mess because it was made by a messy ‘thought’ of separation, sin, guilt & fear.  The guilt was so acute in the mind that it was seemingly projected outward resulting in the making of the world. The body was made along with the world only to experience separation. This projection of separation is the whole world you see. It is not real – you are asleep and dreaming.”

The physical universe is the opposite of Heaven, which has no form, only awareness. The Holy Spirit is the memory of What and where you really are, and is also a thought in the dreaming mind, just like the ego.  Our job is to choose it. You can awaken the sleeping mind to reality at anytime. True forgiveness facilitates our awakening.”

There are 2 ways to view the projection – through the ego’s lens of it being real, or through the Holy Spirit’s “true perception” that the separation didn’t really occur – we did not separate from perfect Oneness in Heaven. We just THOUGHT we did.

Therefore instead of believing the “tiny, mad Idea” of separation, we can choose the atonement (correction of perception that the separation did not occur) and recognize what we’re seeing isn’t true. Now we are at cause ( mind) instead of effect (bodies in a world).

We function normally in the world, but under a different set of principles – the principles of  spiritual sight, true forgiveness, shared interests and kindness. We THINK about everything differently. This undoes the idea of separation in the mind (ego) and does not further illusions, but wakes us up!

The way to heal the world is to reflect love into it-into the time-space dream.  This is done by  how you think about the world. How you choose to think will direct all your functioning.  Feeding the fear reinforces the illusion.

Love & blessings!

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