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Happy 4th of July! A note for you about my experience of true freedom!

Hello my friends!

I hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

I will be relaxing, enjoying some time outside, and eating some good food!

I wanted to share my thoughts about being vigilant with my practice of A Course in Miracles and my experience as a result of consistent practice over many years.

For those of us on this particular spiritual path, it’s helpful to remember that we live “normal” lives and have “normal” conversations. One of the things that’s most important is remembering  ACIM only asks us to change the internal teacher in our mind to the Holy Spirit or Jesus  and live under His direction instead of the ego’s. Either the teacher that reflects fear (the ego) or the teacher that reflect love (Jesus, the Holy spirit) is guiding us in every moment.

A Course in Miracles is always about what we’re THINKING in our minds. Which teacher are we listening to as we go through all our experiences here? Listening to the ego always involves competition, separate interests, bargaining with one another, scarcity, lack, sin, guilt, fear & death. Listening to the Holy Spirit always involves shared interests, peace, compassion, love, forgiveness and eventual awakening to perfect Oneness – our true home!

When the mind is  at peace love is reflected here in the world. It has been so freeing to become a “follower”. I follow my internal guidance from my Highest Self, which the Course terms the Holy Spirit or Jesus.  As soon as the ego part of my mind wants to take charge I gently remember to give it a back seat! True freedom has been giving up judgment! The individual “I” that used to think it knew everything is replaced with the loving guidance of the One Who knows more than the ego’s “I”.

My days are light, gentle and easy. This is not because I never get upset or because there are never any problems to face. Those things are always built into the script while we appear to be here in the world. However, what changes with the daily practice of true forgiveness is the amount of time I spend with the ego or the Holy Spirit. The majority of my time is spent with my Higher Self ( Jesus, the Holy Spirit)  in my mind accompanying me as I move through my days and awaken.

Food for thought on this relaxing Sunday…

Love & Blessings,

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