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24th Hour BugHello my friends!

I hope this post finds you well and you’re enjoying the fall season. This is my favorite time of year!

I was talking with a client tired of feeling the need to “prove” himself  in all areas of his life.  This is a challenge for so many people. Here are my thoughts and suggestions.

The need to “prove” ourselves stems from feelings of not being good enough. We are afraid. There’s a false belief we’re not going to make the “right” decisions, people don’t understand us, or we’re inadequate in some way and therefore trying to be something/someone we’re not.

In my experience everything comes down to self-worth. How we feel about ourselves guides our thoughts and subsequent actions.   Fear is experienced when we solely trust in our OWN strength.  Allowing the connection with our Source to guide us and remembering our true identity as Spirit engenders inner peace, not fear.

How do we move out of fear? One thought at a time.

1). Be honest with yourself and say , ” I am feeling fearful right now. I choose to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence and remember who I am.”

If that’s as far as you go for the moment…great! Turn your fearful thoughts over to God, the Holy Spirit or your Higher Self (substitute your word) for correction.  You’ve moved from being caught up “in” the fear to having the “awareness” you are the observer with the power to “choose” a different thought. That’s all you have to do in the moment.

If you start feeling a little more peaceful and want to take another step:

2). In the awareness of being the “observer”, turn the rest of your day over to the Holy Spirit. “Holy Spirit, you be in charge of my thoughts. I choose to remember my true strength. Help me see through spiritual sight today.”

What is happening when you do this? You are activating the highest part of your mind (not brain, but the part of your mind that knows Who and where you really are).  Making a conscious choice to be inspired and choose peace removes conflict (uncertainty, unconscious guilt) from the mind. Then peaceful, loving energy will automatically flow into  actions you take in the world.

3). There’s no need to analyze or evaluate yourself or your progress. Allow the highest part of yourself to take over integrating and replacing old thoughts with new thoughts at just the right level and pace.

So we come full circle! When connected to Source, there is nothing to “prove”. Why? When remembering  Who we are – Spirit, whole and innocent, there is nothing to prove, but everything to “be”.

My sister says , “We have nothing to do and everything to be.”

Allow Spirit to be “reflected” THROUGH you. Let your light and Divine spark shine through every action. What is the purpose of your actions now? Your PURPOSE has changed, so you won’t feel you have to prove yourself, just BE yourself.

Blessings… be well everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Self-Worth”

    1. Great point! We can’t (or shouldn’t want to) “control” people, ourselves or outcomes – it’s an illusion. Rather, great leaders like Jesus, often have a tremendous “influence” on people in a positive way. Influence is a gentler word and if we’re gentle and forgiving with ourselves, we feel better overall :).

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