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The Illusion of Perfectionism

Perfection doesn’t exist – not really.  How many of us keep chasing it hoping to get to the “feeling” that whatever we’re doing is “good enough”?   While we’re chasing an illusory concept, projects are left hanging and following through on tasks is draining, etc.  However, if we focus on bringing our own “perfection as spirit” into everything we do, what automatically follows is fulfillment.  The energy behind everything we “do” has changed.   Not being good enough, or having to impress others drops away in favor of aligning each moment with spirit.  The irony is,  when you listen to spirit or your higher Self and take “inspired” action, everything  feels perfect.  Being authentic to yourself and your process is being on purpose with your life.  Let your gifts and talents shine forth unimpeded by fear, which manifests as self-doubt and insecurity.  I surrender to my highest wisdom when I feel stuck.  I am aware that “I” don’t have all the answers, but I know who does….Be well everyone!

“perfection as spirit”

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