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The Political Situation from ACIM’s Perspective

Hello my friends! I hope this new year is treating you well!

This year has started off right up the ego’s alley – separation, division and differences. I’m speaking of the political scene seemingly dividing many groups at this time.  Let’s look at it through ACIM‘s perspective.

A Course in Miracles reminds us that everything  we see in the world is a reflection of the thought of separation in the mind. The Course teaches that we are mind – this is the mind outside time and space where we are viewing our dream.  It doesn’t matter what images that thought system reflects, it’s all part of the same illusion that has never left its source in the mind. The world is a projection of the unconscious guilt in our mind over the seeming separation from our Creator/Source.  The unconscious guilt projected from the mind  takes form – bodies, objects- animate and inanimate. The Course teaches that the world is an “outside picture of an inward condition”. The inward condition is the ego thought system of separation. The ego wants to keep us convinced we’re bodies so we never go back to the mind and choose against it in favor of Spirit.

The Course teaches ” I am never upset for the reason I think.”  We forget that what we see is all part of the same projected illusion. The illusion of the world and body comes from the illusory thought in the mind.  This illusory thought that we could be separate from our Oneness in Heaven seemed to occur as a “tiny mad idea…” in the mind. When we chose to believe this “tiny, mad idea”, it set into motion the whole chain of seeming choices that resulted in the making of the illusory time-space universe.

The mind seemed to go to sleep for a little while and is dreaming we are separate from our Creator/Source.  We are fooled into thinking that the cause of our upset is all the people and situations in the world. However, we are really upset because we chose the teacher of  sin, guilt and fear in the mind that made up the illusory world to keep us mindless.

The figures in our dream take many forms – these forms include political figures. Remember…anytime anything external in the world makes us upset, triggered, angry, a victim, depressed, sad, etc., that is our clue to go back to the mind (cause) and choose the right teacher.

A  political situation is no different than any other situation, person, or event. We forgive all images equally because they’re all untrue.  As we forgive, we undo the idea of separation in the mind, thus helping us awaken from the dream.

When we forgive the images our body’s eyes show us for what they haven’t really done, we make the choice for the entire sonship because there’s only one mind that thinks it’s here.  Everyone is included when we make a choice for the atonement, which is the correction of our belief in sin.  Atonement in ACIM says we did NOT sin (we did not separate from our Creator). Mistakes call for correction, not punishment.

The core process of forgiveness is withdrawing our projections. The miracle (a shift in perception) takes our attention from the illusory world and brings it back to the mind so we can choose again.  Changing our thinking changes everything in our experience. It does not necessarily change the world/forms, but when we are right-minded we are not concerned with form, rather we are focused on the content of love in the mind. The love is then reflected into all our actions and words.  Our bodies are involved in the “doing”, however we know that we are not really our bodies.  When we feel there’s something to “do”, the Course asks us to let the content of love be the agent of our “doing”.

Love & blessings,

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