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The World of Perception: Interpreting the Illusion

TfT BugHey friends!

The Course is teaching that there are two ways to interpret illusions – one breeds them and the other undoes them.

When we choose our right-minded inner teacher/the Holy Spirit/Jesus, we are reminded that the world is our “made-up” projection. We are having a dream of existing apart from perfect Oneness. This interpretation slowly undoes the illusion of separation.

Understanding we’re dreaming is how we can begin to integrate the Course’s thought system  experientially.   Advancing in our practice, we recognize “seeing the world as an illusion” means it doesn’t have the power to take away our inner peace. It doesn’t mean denying our experiences here in a cavalier or dismissive way. Rather, we have the awareness from our right-minded teacher that what happens to us in the dream is not the true cause of our dis-ease or lack of peace. Our choice for the ego in our mind that projected the world is the cause of all the physical and psychological pain the body feels.

For sure bodies can be hurt and destroyed in the dream, but our mind (outside of time and space) can be at peace allowing us to be more effective relating in the world. While the mind dreams of separation, we can certainly be anxious, fearful, sick and depressed in the dream. However, as we awaken, the dream fades and we have less investment in our illusions. Choosing the miracle, a shift in perception, undoes our illusions. With less conflict in the mind there is less tension interfering with our daily functioning.

What happens in the morning when you slowly awaken from your nocturnal dream? Your investment in the dream is less and less until it fades away and you realize it never really happened.

Another way to know we’re becoming more “miracle-minded” is instead of having the intensity and strife that accompanies trying to solve illusory problems in the illusory world with the ego, thus furthering illusions, we become more peaceful in our approach.  If a problem confronts us, checking in first with the right-minded teacher reminds us that “there is another way to look at this”. Then our actions will follow without the intensity of needing to solve everything on our own.

Be well everyone!

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