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Tips to Kick-off 2015!

Happy New Year!!

I wanted to suggest some tips to help start off the new year:

1). Be gentle with yourself.
Often we are hard on ourselves while trying to integrate positive changes. Start with the intention in your mind to choose to feel better about__________ this year. You’ve already done something – you set an “intention”. Congratulations!

2). Ask the Holy Spirit (Jesus, God, universal mind, higher self, infinite wisdom) to be with you in your intent. Give your wishes over to your higher self. Pause…breathe…

3).Recognize you are really looking for one of the following: Inner peace, confidence, self-esteem, feeling loved, feeling respected, feeling worthy or knowing that you have a purpose here. So smile right now…and finish this mini-meditation with…”I’d like to experience the highest thought about myself”, and “how can I hold the light for myself and others?” Pause…breathe… Releasing judgment of yourself and others allows loving thoughts to flow into your mind “inspiring” you to take action supporting your intentions. It’s not about asking for specifics, rather, joining with the Holy Spirit and getting lost in the feeling of remembering what you “really” are – Divine spirit, whole & innocent!

Be well!

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