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We Live Who We Believe We Are

24th Hour BugWe all have beliefs about ourselves. Are all these beliefs true? Or are they merely the result of what our “ego” minds keep telling ourselves over and over again. We make up stories about ourselves on a daily basis, but are these stories who we truly are?

The good news is that if we feel stuck or defeated, we can make up a new story about ourselves! It isn’t necessary to get paralyzed in inactivity because you’re coming from a place of fear or negative thinking. Your “outdated” story about yourself might be holding you back from living your best, most fulfilling life.

Here’s an exercise:
1. Write down one of your goals.
2. Ask yourself – “How do I move in the direction of this goal?”
3. Catch any self-sabotage or negative thinking that creeps in such as “I don’t have the time or money to pursue this.”
4. If you have a self-defeating thought about yourself, re-frame the thought. For example, “I have enough time to complete step 1 of my goal.” Step 1 may entail researching something on the internet for 30 minutes. You’ve just moved 30 minutes closer to your goal!
5. Set reasonable standards and break big ideas down into steps. You’ll feel good and gain momentum by taking even the smallest action!
6. Remember to give your day over to your Higher Self, God, or Universal Mind. You are not alone in your endeavors!

Be well everyone!
Jackie 🙂

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