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Some Inspiration

Hello my friends,

Here’s another “reminder” to inspire you whenever the world gets in your face and you get upset, discouraged, or are not at peace for any reason.

“Where God is, there are you. Such is the truth.” -ACIM

Remember that we are dreaming here although perfectly capable of awakening at anytime. Do we wake up and go poof in the night? No. It’s a process. We have to take the hand of the Holy spirit and slowly undo our belief in this world. We have a belief that we could actually be separate from our Creator. This false idea is the ego. The ego thought system is based on sin, guilt & fear. The projection of this unconscious guilt is the whole world you see. We’re seeing the contents of our mind splintered out in form – lots of different forms. Our body is part of the projection. The body is the hero of the dream of separation.

If the world is just a projection from the mind, and I’m part of the projection as an individual special self, what do I do here?

We be normal, but instead of looking through the lens of fear, we  look through the Holy Spirit’s lens of love. We live under a different set of principles: forgiveness instead of judgment, shared interests instead of separate interests, innocence instead of guilt.

How do we practice this on a daily basis?

Every time you feel lack, upset, dis-ease, insecure, anxious, fearful or depressed, just stop.

1. Stop

2. Be mindful of your thought in that moment. Know that there’s another way to interpret what is seemingly causing the upset.  Ask the Holy Spirit to look at your thoughts with you. We can’t do it alone. The Course teaches that we’re never upset for the reason we think. We can’t understand this without the Holy Spirit or Jesus as our guide in the mind.

3. Remind yourself that you can take the Holy Spirit’s hand and look at the situation differently. Why are we never upset for the reason we think? Because what we’re seeing isn’t true. It’s just a projection. The ego wants you to believe that something in your life is the cause. This is to keep you out of the mind – to keep you mindless. The ego knows that its existence depends on your belief in it. But remember, you haven’t really separated into an individual self – you’re just dreaming it. So, turn the tables on the ego by going back to the mind and “choosing once again”, as the Course says. What are you choosing? The Holy Spirit as your teacher instead of the ego. What does this do for you? The Holy Spirit starts to take over your mind and remind you that your identity in the dream is of a dreaming mind that can wake up at any time.

4. Trust the Holy Spirit’s strength.

Be well & blessings,



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