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Awakening to a Different Calling

24th Hour BugHello friends,

I want to share an insight that popped into my mind while walking around my neighborhood this morning.

Many of you may feel gently prompted in a new direction: career, relationship, philanthropic endeavor or hobby.  It will be important to trust and follow inner guidance in the months and years ahead.  There is a wonderful window of opportunity for lightworkers, spiritual seekers, and anyone looking to be of service, to discover, embrace  and channel their soul’s wishes and gifts.

If you encounter resistance from friends, family members or significant others, feel confident, have faith and keep moving forward on your path.  It is wonderful to have our loved ones supporting us and they often will.  However, there will be times when you explain your process or insights and others won’t get it.  It’s OK because how could they know what’s in your heart? The important thing is that YOU know.  You will be supported in endeavors and life changes that are Divinely guided.

So stay true to yourself and your life path! Guidance from Spirit is always available – remember to ask and be willing to hear the answers!

Love & blessings to you all!


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