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Book Recommendation

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You may already be aware of Alexander Marchand’s book The Universe is a Dream. If not, I highly recommend it!

Using the unique form of a graphic novel,  Alexander guides the reader through the advanced nondualistic metaphysics of the spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles. If you are ready to wake up, this book not only gives you a “picture” of the true nature of the universe, according to ACIM, but also reminds the reader of practical ways of thinking with the right-minded teacher and practicing true forgiveness that facilitates this awakening to Spirit/ Oneness.

Here’s a reminder of the Course’s teachings on forgiveness from the book:

True forgiveness is essentially lucid dreaming; It is nondualistic forgiveness whereby the observer is the observed and thus the forgiver is the forgivee. You don’t forgive people for what they did. You forgive yourself for believing a dream full of characters that only ever did what you asked them to do — albeit on an unconscious level. When you go around truly forgiving, you go around seeing the dream as a dream. You keep in mind that you made up the dream. You keep in mind that the content of the dream is merely symbolic of the content of your mind.” p.93

The illustrations that go along with the words in his book add significantly to the message! Check it out!

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