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Clearing Your Energy Field

24th Hour BugAs spiritual growth and healing excite more and more people these days, it is becoming increasingly beneficial to clear your energy field and use techniques to release any emotional “baggage” or negative patterns in your life.  Some of the more sensitive of you have  noticed a shift in energy levels on the planet and it’s harder to live amidst all the anger, fear and negativity prevalent in our society.  This can manifest in your life in several ways: you’re growing tired of the escalating violence on TV,  you feel more compassion towards others, your current job is not fulfilling, you lose interest in certain activities, or you feel there’s a higher purpose to your life and you’re being guided to explore something new.  No matter how it’s manifesting for you, there is a discomfort or restlessness as old patterns, habits and judgment of others  seem to fade away in favor of a more peaceful way of life.  This can be unsettling at times because it feels like you’re entering the “unknown”.  Awakening to Spirit isn’t always comfortable because the ego will fight for its “familiar” existence.  What can you do?  Listen to your inner voice-what is it whispering to you? Trust it and gently move in the direction of its suggestions.  How do I listen to my inner voice?  1.  Ask to connect with your higher Self.  ” I ask my  higher Self to assist me.”  2.  Ask a question out loud or in your mind.  ” Is this new job opportunity a good fit for me?” Or “What is holding me back from moving forward?” 3. Take a deep breath, exhale, and pause…you can feel good because you put your question out there.  4. Check in with how you feel.  Are any messages, ideas or thoughts coming in to your mind? If not right away, they will eventually. The message(s) you receive will feel different to you when it’s coming from your higher self…probably like a  gentle suggestion or a “knowing.”  Do this exercise at your own pace.  There is no pressure or hurry for answers, rather allow a gradual process of guidance to unfold one step at a time –  steps that your mind can accept without fear.  There is an individualized curriculum just for you!   Let your new ideas and insights unfold in a relaxed way 🙂  Be well everyone!

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