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Hello my friends!

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to focus on gratitude! Gratitude is a major theme in A course in Miracles. We are thankful to our brothers, sisters  and all “living things” for the opportunity to remember who we are through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the reflection of God’s love for us. Practicing “true forgiveness” reminds us who we are.

Without all the seeming situations, events and people in our lives that make us upset, we would never have the opportunity to change our minds about them and therefore remember we HAVE a mind which can choose to view our situations with the ego or the Holy spirit. As we turn inward to the mind, we slowly recognize what we see out in the world is in an outward picture of the inward condition of our decision making mind.

Any upset that is used as a classroom to bring our attention back to the mind, so we can choose again, is something to be grateful for. We learn our pain or happiness is not because of anything in the world, but rather a choice for our wrong or right minds. Why is this so?

We are dreaming a dream of separation and can awaken by choosing to follow our right-minded teacher and forgive what seems to be outside of us. We are really forgiving ourselves for dreaming all the dream figures and situations in our lives. The world – our situations, events and especially in our relationships –  is where we project our unconscious guilt. We are projecting our own unconscious guilt onto others, and they act out to fulfill our secret sins and hidden hates. If we are not aware of our unconscious guilt then there is no way of forgiving it. This is why Jesus helps us use the people and situations in the world as a classroom to learn to forgive.

When we awaken from the dream we know there is only Oneness – no separation, differences, fragmentation, opposites or division. No bodies, only awareness of perfect Oneness with our Creator.

Lesson 195 says ” Love is the way I walk in gratitude”.  Gratitude reflects the perfect Oneness in Heaven – no differences, only Oneness.

Love & blessings,


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