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Join Me for A Free Lecture and Book Signing!

Hello SoCal friends!

I hope you’ll feel inspired to join me in person for a book signing event for my new book:
All Peace No Pieces: A Course in Miracles’ Take on “the World”

The event is FREE on Saturday, June 8 from 1pm-3pm @ Mystic Journey Bookstore
1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Phone:  (310) 399-7070

I’ll be discussing A Course in Miracles’ keys to living more peacefully by changing our perception, healing our relationships, changing our internal teacher and the power of true forgiveness. Learn how to practically apply Course ideas in your everyday life—furthering yourself on the spiritual path and experiencing inner peace regardless of circumstances!

Here is an excerpt from the book. I think it’s a wonderful reminder and helps me practice the Course’s principles when the world gets in my face!

“Our learning has gotten us to wherever we are. Now we have a choice to make if we’re tired of suffering. Which teacher do we follow in the dream? One keeps us dreaming and the other wakes us up. True forgiveness is what wakes us up. Not being taken in by appearances wakes us up. I know you’ve probably heard the saying, “we’re all in this together.” We truly are. When we make either choice, for the ego or the Holy Spirit, we make the choice for the entire Sonship because all minds are joined being that there’s only one. We are either teaching love or teaching fear in each moment, depending on which interpretation of the dream we choose to listen to. Through consistent choice for the Holy Spirit’s forgiveness classroom, we eventually find ourselves back in the home we never truly left. Let’s wake up to the awareness that we are all peace. No pieces.”

I find this helpful because we don’t have to worry about where we were before, in the past. We can start each day anew, in the present, remembering that we are not alone in working towards having a more peaceful and fulfilling life! It starts right now -let go of the past. Not because you’re ignoring it, but because the Course is teaching that it never happened. It’s truly gone because it never was.

Can we still learn from past mistakes? Of course we can, and we do. The difference is, do you have to put your salvation in it? Do you have to believe it’s real?

A Course in Miracles wants us to eventually remember, when we’re ready, to let the Holy Spirit correct our one and only mistake – the belief in the ego (false self). All our other seeming mistakes will be corrected.

Love and many blessing to you!!


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