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Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

Hello my friends!

I wanted to put out one of my little “reminders” on how to stay vigilant for the Course’s teachings of true forgiveness!

Any time you feel you are not at peace, you know you are in the ego’s thought system. Remember that you can change your internal teacher at any time, in any place and in any circumstance.

For example, say to yourself “I am willing to see this (person, situation, circumstance) through Christ’s vision.” Just being able to STOP in the moment and have the awareness that there are 2 teachers in the mind is big! Congratulate yourself for that recognition!

Then be still. There’s nothing to “do” in that moment. Let the Holy Spirit/Jesus’ thought system take over. For example, you may hear things like “remember you’re dreaming. The separation from God did not occur, you are still safe at home where you’ve never left, you just believe you did.”

Now you are back to  place of cause and not effect. Remember the world is in the mind, it’s just a projection coming from you (not you as body, but as the one mind that believes it’s here).

Our identity in the world is of a dreaming mind. You are love and you are loved!

Be well & blessings!


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