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The World is a Shadow Reality

Jackie Thumb Border300pxHello my friends!

It’s helpful when we’re feeling “down” or in the ego’s grip to remind ourselves that the ego thought system of sin, guilt, scarcity, loss, deprivation & death is represented by the body. The body only exists so we can experience separation in the mind. The ego thought system and all the forms contained in it are merely symbols of that illusory ego thought.

The world is a shadow reality, as is the body. To feel guilty or fear about an illusory self is to feel guilty or fearful about nothing. ACIM states that “nothing unreal exists”.  Anything not of God and perfect Oneness is not real and therefore does not exist. However, we are having a dream that “we” exist apart from God.

Our only problem is that we believe the shadows are reality.

To apply this teaching in your everyday life:

Whenever you are upset in any way, it is an opportunity to “choose once again”, as ACIM suggests, and remember that you are the observer of the events seemingly happening to you. Interrupt the thought as it is happening…stop yourself, choose the miracle – the shift in perception to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of the the dream you made up. True forgiveness, recognizing that no illusory thing can take away your inner peace because you made it up, is the cornerstone of this process.

Having awareness in the moment recalls your projection. You are no longer projecting the ego thought system onto the person, event or situation in your dream. This is how the Course teaches us to undo the ego and eventually awaken to our true identity as Spirit/Oneness with God.

Be well & blessings!

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