“A Course in Miracles” Insight

Jackie Lora Jones PortraitOften when we have “problems” in our lives, we hope or pray for “specific” solutions.  No doubt this is how we’ve been taught, listening to the ego all these years.  The Course teaches that the world and body being unreal (part of the illusion of separation from our creator) means that our problems and answers cannot be found there.  Rather, the one problem is our BELIEF in the world and body.  Since beliefs are in the mind, that is the only place they can be undone.   We can use our power to choose the Holy Spirit’s  thought system that reminds us the problems we “seem” to experience in the world are part of the dream of separation.

Seeking no answer in the world can be a relief.  Choosing peace instead of a complicated agenda helps undo error by addressing the REAL problem and correcting error in the mind by choosing the Right-Minded teacher – the Holy Spirit.  Then when taking action it will be inspired action having chosen the Right-Minded teacher.

Understanding the metaphysics of the Course’s thought system is necessary, but practice is what will produce the EXPERIENCE of peace.

Each day we can remember there are two teachers in the mind and only one of them is real.  Those who seek controversy (listening to the ego’s voice) will find it.  Those that seek peace (the Holy Spirit’s voice) will find it.  Sometimes we have to choose in every moment! We can keep practicing and be gentle with ourselves!

Be well everyone,


Choosing Spirit Leads to Inner Peace

Jackie Lora Jones PortraitI hope today finds you well!

One of my specialties is retraining the mind to attain inner peace.   What does that mean and how do we do it?

We live in an overstressed society and people are looking for relief.  Relief from a troubled relationship, a job,  an ailment,  taking care of someone, depression and so forth.

The problem is we’re looking for help in the wrong place.  We look for answers “in the world” (outside of us) right away instead of first going within and asking Spirit for guidance before taking action.   Most of us  have found that looking for relief outside ourselves, for example with medication, a new job, a new relationship, more money, etc., provides a temporary fix at best.  Why is that? Surely there’s nothing wrong with improving our lives by those means. That’s true. However, permanent relief and inner peace is never achieved.  Once we “fix” one problem in our world, another problem arises to take it’s place.

While we are are choosing our temporary fixes which can be necessary and helpful, we can also be aware that there is another choice in the Mind which provides “inspiration” to keep choosing spirit – leading to a consistent experience of peace and a permanent solution to our “problems”.

How does choosing Spirit help us? When we surrender to our Higher Self  we are inviting guidance from a higher thought system , which is our Right Mind where the Holy Spirit resides.  The Holy Spirit can see your whole life’s timeline in the world’s “classroom”.  The body is your communication tool moving through your life curriculum.  The body is an extension of the ego fear-based thought system.

Guidance can come from a place attuned to love or Spirit instead of fear. This is the other choice in the Mind (opposite of the ego) – the Holy Spirit’s classroom where He will interpret your life events differently.

Seeing your life situation from this perspective helps  attain permanent inner peace.  You can move through life and navigate  challenges from a peaceful place, letting love flow through you and your responses rather than acting and reacting out of fear.

Wake-up each day and place the Holy Spirit in charge of your day! Your external circumstances may or may not change, however, your EXPERIENCE can be peaceful no matter what is happening around you.

Say to yourself ” My body is my communication tool.  Spirit ( my true identity) is in charge of my day today.”

Be well everyone!

Jackie 🙂

We Live Who We Believe We Are

24th Hour BugWe all have beliefs about ourselves. Are all these beliefs true? Or are they merely the result of what our “ego” minds keep telling ourselves over and over again. We make up stories about ourselves on a daily basis, but are these stories who we truly are?

The good news is that if we feel stuck or defeated, we can make up a new story about ourselves! It isn’t necessary to get paralyzed in inactivity because you’re coming from a place of fear or negative thinking. Your “outdated” story about yourself might be holding you back from living your best, most fulfilling life.

Here’s an exercise:
1. Write down one of your goals.
2. Ask yourself – “How do I move in the direction of this goal?”
3. Catch any self-sabotage or negative thinking that creeps in such as “I don’t have the time or money to pursue this.”
4. If you have a self-defeating thought about yourself, re-frame the thought. For example, “I have enough time to complete step 1 of my goal.” Step 1 may entail researching something on the internet for 30 minutes. You’ve just moved 30 minutes closer to your goal!
5. Set reasonable standards and break big ideas down into steps. You’ll feel good and gain momentum by taking even the smallest action!
6. Remember to give your day over to your Higher Self, God, or Universal Mind. You are not alone in your endeavors!

Be well everyone!
Jackie 🙂

Integrating & Implementing Spiritual Principles

Hello everyone!

I hope this new year finds you well.

Many of us understand metaphysical or spiritual concepts intellectually, such as: living in the present moment, we are all one, you are not your ego, awakening from the dream, and so forth. So what do you do with this knowing or understanding?

It’s helpful to integrate and implement this awareness on a daily basis. This is where positive change occurs. Self-empowerment follows.

How do we do it? We PRACTICE with whatever circumstance presents itself in our daily lives. We will never lack opportunities!

1. Retrain your mind to attain inner peace. It is beneficial to have a thought system that works for you. Wake up every day with the intention to have inner peace. Take a few moments and make the decision to have a peaceful day. If you are used to joining with your Higher Self (God, Universal Mind, Holy Spirit, etc) do that too!

2. This does not mean that all daily events will go smoothly, all interactions will be harmonious, or that nothing will irritate you. Rather, focus on the idea that inner peace is a choice no matter WHAT appears to be happening around you. Nothing outside yourself can disturb your peace of mind unless you give it the power to do so. For example: Someone criticizes you at work in front of others. Their negative comments define THEM in that moment, not you. Try recognizing all the person has to offer in the moment is what they are feeling inside – negativity. It gets projected onto you. In every moment people are either expressing love or calling out for love.

3. Do we simply ignore someone if they say something hurtful? Sometimes we can brush it off, but not always. Regardless, your power is in your response. It never feels good to respond to attack with a counter attack. It may feel good for a minute or two, but that’s all. It comes back to you eventually and you feel bad.

4. When you are upset in that moment…pause…and remember your goal for the day — inner peace. Then as you remember to be peaceful, let that energy and awareness guide the words you speak. Whatever you say will be coming from a better place once you have grounded yourself and remembered your goal. You can respond with awareness and do not have to take the attack personally.

5. You now have the awareness that the person’s ego was in charge when they made the negative comment. That is not who they really are. You can join with them in your mind and think of them as spirit.

Be well!

Tips to Kick-off 2015!

Happy New Year!!

I wanted to suggest some tips to help start off the new year:

1). Be gentle with yourself.
Often we are hard on ourselves while trying to integrate positive changes. Start with the intention in your mind to choose to feel better about__________ this year. You’ve already done something – you set an “intention”. Congratulations!

2). Ask the Holy Spirit (Jesus, God, universal mind, higher self, infinite wisdom) to be with you in your intent. Give your wishes over to your higher self. Pause…breathe…

3).Recognize you are really looking for one of the following: Inner peace, confidence, self-esteem, feeling loved, feeling respected, feeling worthy or knowing that you have a purpose here. So smile right now…and finish this mini-meditation with…”I’d like to experience the highest thought about myself”, and “how can I hold the light for myself and others?” Pause…breathe… Releasing judgment of yourself and others allows loving thoughts to flow into your mind “inspiring” you to take action supporting your intentions. It’s not about asking for specifics, rather, joining with the Holy Spirit and getting lost in the feeling of remembering what you “really” are – Divine spirit, whole & innocent!

Be well!

Unity Radio Show Interview

Happy Holidays!

Rev. Jennifer Hadley
Rev. Jennifer Hadley

Recently my family and I were interviewed by our friend Rev. Jennifer Hadley on her Unity Online Radio show “A Course in Miracles: Walking the Talk”.

Our episode: Gary Renard and Family ACIM practice aired on November 25, 2014 .  You can listen by clicking the link above and scrolling through program archives to the episode title.

A Course in Miracles says , “The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in the darkness.  See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within….”

Remember to let your light shine brightly this holiday season and always.  It reminds others they can do the same.  Have a wonderful and joy-filled season!  Be well everyone.